I'm 19, pretty popular, and guys

I'm 19, pretty popular, and guys consider me cute. What no one knows is what a freak I am.

I suck my thumb all the time when I'm alone. I even duck out of class sometimes, just so I can go to the bathroom and suck my thumb.

When I'm in there, I think of how mortified I would be if I got caught. And yet, I sort of want to get caught. I'll usually get a little turned on and jill-off while sitting there, sucking my thumb.

I also like to wet my panties on purpose, or even wear the same panties for a few days. It turns me on knowing that no one knows I am walking around with dirty panties.

I even check the hampers at my friends house to see if their panties are dirty. I'm usually not dissappointed.

The messed-up thing is that I like both guys and girls, but don't really care about s**. I just like doing my thing

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Would love to see a school girl wet her panties in her school skirt panties

  • Can I have a pair of your panties please can I have them can you send me your panties

  • I love dirty panties too!!
    I wet my panties all the time, and then I usually m********* with them on...
    Its so hot..I wish I wasn't to embarassed to do it in front of someone, that would be way hotter

  • Wouldlove to see a girl wet her panties

  • Love to see a cute girl wet her panties in school sjkirt pleated skirt

  • Can I have your panties would love to see a school girl wet her panries

  • ur right u are werid

  • I suggest you try chewing gum, I have a problem with putting things in my mouth (and before you get the idea guys no I don't mean ur d***) like pencils, beads anything that fits, I suggest try gum instead of ur thumb it tastes better and u don't look like a freak.

  • if you answer i can try to help you

  • can you explain why you think you suck your thumb maybe when you get the feeling like you need to suck your thumb try to do some thing else like shake your leg or something like then try to think about something else or do something else it help me and i stop chewing on my shirt

  • lmao thats hilarious

  • Whoa really ...

    F** alert !!

  • somehow for u i think this thing is sorta linked sexually for u.

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