Every time I go to get pain killers(Advil ibuprofen etc)
I think about taking the rest of the bottle right then and there and just wait until the outcome, these thoughts normally happen right b4 i leave for school. I'm tired of living.

Nov 21, 2010

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  • Psh, trust me kid; a handful of Advil won't kill you. Been there, done that. You really wanna die nice and painless, get yourself some Oxycodone. Take a ton, drink a beer, go to sleep, never wake up. But I doubt you really would kill yourself anyways. Most people realize how stupid suicide is, and how miserable it'll be explaining to the doctors and your parents when and if you fail. Anyway, painkillers will f*** up your organs and make you die slowly. Trust me, I am killing myself from the inside with all the s*** I take, and I regret it all the time. Flush the pills, go see a therapist. I know that sounds like every s***** answer you get with suicidal posts, but it will at least delay you from suicide, eh?

  • Oh god no please dont take the whole bottle of advil you would be a goner for sure.

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