You cant do this

Your my best friend and i love you but
when we fight you tell me you hate me and im a b****
i go home and cry then last night when i was drunk i found siscors and cut up my arm ,im sorry imnot good enough for you

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  • I am the best friend, not the same person but the same personality. Don't take it personally, trust me. This person has so much anger inside them they have to let it out, and it gets let out on you. The cutting is another issue but my advice to deal with the friendship is to break up with them, trust me, no matter how difficult it is for you. If they truly love you they will wake up and come back to you. If not, you both will be free from a toxic relationship. You could also try talking to them about whats going on in their mind. Let them know you have no judgement. You are obviously hurting so tell them, they are probably hurting too.

  • Cutting doesn't help in anyway. Find someone you can talk to take up a hobby. Finding a good type of music helped me.

  • don't hurt yourself because of someone else's anger. best friends don't make you feel bad about yourself. do not cut yourself. talk, write, sing, dance. get it out somehow.

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