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Nobody in my family ever wants to talk about anything but school and my job. All I want to talk about is how worried about the rest of my life I am, which relates to both work and school. Every time I try to talk about how I feel, they change to subject back to my grades, my earnings, and when I'm going graduate.

I can't even think of something this makes me feel like. A showhorse? A piece of furniture? Some sort of commodity?

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  • Your worries and fears are valid. There can be a lot of things to be concerned over, but also many things to look forward to. They're most certainly proud of you, but maybe they don't understand what you do, or actually know how to relate what you do. Maybe you can show them something tangible or talk about little things that they can grasp. Totally not saying they are dumb..I know my mom, who is a CPA, can't wrap her head around what I do.. marketing..just an example. Do they understand what your majoring in? It may help you to talk about it with others like your peers in class, work or even a therapist.

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