When women are stupid

I posted this originally as a comment to someone's confession, but then, I realized that it may be helpful for other stupid women to read this, to deter them from looking for greener grass on the other side.
I am married since 1986 with the same husband, and I was faithful for 22 years. Two years ago I started going to lunch with a co-worker, new graduate from college, so young that he could have been my son. I never thought we would cross the line, but it still happened. I trused him for almost six months, during which time he told me a lot of times how much he loved me, and how age is just a number. Needless to say that I slept with him more than once. In my (then) stupid mind I was feeling like a teenager again. Then, one time, while being at his place, a friend of his "stopped by" and "my trusted friend and lover" started to tell me how much his friend liked me, and how exciting it would be to make love to both of them. I wanted to die and I would have left if they let me. But they insisted, and I just gave up and didn't resist anymore, just for being able to leave and get home to take a shower before my husband got back from work. I never talked to him again, and 4 months later I found another job. It was the worst experience of my life, and if my husband found out about this he would probably kill me and himself, too. I'm telling you this because someone on this blog said "bad things happen to bad people", which I do not agree with. I am a very good and caring person, and still, I made a mistake for which I paid dearly.

Dec 8, 2010

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  • My wife did this and she did not know I knew.....I kept telling she could play on the side and eventually we got into swinging and we both loved it...we have progressed to point where she has a serious relationship with a black man......I fully expect her to move in with him...

  • One hard d*** in your mouth, another hardie in your ass... husband hard at work....

    I guess you are right, they probably thought you were a 'good' f*** and you are obviously 'caring'. You didn't want to have s** with them but they insisted..... You just care about everyone don't cha?

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