I need to let it all out...

Everyone tells me I am beautiful, fun to hang out with, entertaining, and super sweet but I don't feel that way when I look in the mirror I see this ugly nerd, fat, insecure, lonely girl. I have so many people that I know but I can really only talk to two people my boyfriend and sometimes my other friend, but she hasn't really been in my life that long to understand a lot of what I go through. I once had a best friend, and then she moved to Colombia, I then had another "best-friend" she went to another school because she moved, my recent close friend and I got in a fight over some stupid stuff and now we just don't talk. I feel like everyone important to me just gets up and leaves me. The only person that has stayed by my side, and always understood me is my boyfriend. Though sometimes I feel like I can't even tell him what I'm feeling that he will think I'm stupid. Those truth is I'm so insecure that I don't even want to wake up sometimes, I feel that everyone around me is a liar for the things they tell me, I can not trust anyone. And I can not deal with change. I hate to just put this all out there, and people will comment on how stupid and what a loner I am probably but I can't keep everything bottled up forever. So I'm sorry to everyone who thinks that of me...

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  • WE are all in the same boat: life is a random meaningless event - some people use religion and some use drugs to cope - rather just accept and enjoy!

  • i feel like your the reflection in my "life mirror". i feel exactly the same as you.
    You are never alone.

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