I Hate The F Word

And I HATE that's it's used for emphasis with everything anybody says or sings or writes now. I'm not "out of touch" with peoples' "freedom" to talk how they want or the curse police wagging my finger at offenders; but twenty years ago, that was the worst word anybody could say and was reserved even among my (then) peers for when things were really a lost cause and you got really really steamed at something. It was an immature, juvenile and filthy word then and it still is. It's increased use in no way makes it more acceptable to me. I hate it more now than I ever have. Never dreamed I'd hear that word standing in a grocery store being played overhead. Or hearing school girls say it like they're talking about a new jacket or a pair of earrings. Now, bring it on in all of your comments, because since I've already said I hate it, I know there are those of you who just can't resist the opportunity to offend me further. I won't read them anyway.

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  • So I really don't think about the nation or character or spoof it was not what f word you say is wrong nobody likes actors

  • Like so, so many other words (not necessarily "bad" ones), it is overused to the point of ludicrousness. But I really don't have a whole lot of time for people who go all pearl-clutchey about foul language, because there are so many life conditions that warrant it! I mean, if you're shopping for things to be offended about, how about how humans treat each other and the ONE planet we have? How about how business and profit are proven every day to be more important than basic human rights-- or lives, for that matter?

    This is what it's like to think *substantial* thoughts, OP. I'm not saying it's fun, but those of us who do harbor regards like this don't have much respect for wispy delicate minds like yours. So maybe shuddup, okie dokie?

  • Fuselage? Fetid? Fuchsia? Fireball? Festoon? Frazzle? Flibbertigibbet?

  • Did you just say "Fuchsia" at me, sir?! Have at you!

  • You mean f***, right, and not f**? Just makin' sure. F*** f*** fuckity f****** f*** <3

  • This troll was painful. Really, is the best trolling you can come up with?

  • the f word has been used for hundreds of years. It's not a new thing. And it's just a word. A random string of sounds made with your lips, tongue, teeth, throat, and lungs. So what?

    Just remember that young people don't have the same perception of the world that you do. They were raised differently, so if they use it more, it's not really their fault, it's their parents' and the society's in which we live.

    Also, there's a good chance that as these kids grow to be parents themselves, they'll begin to frown upon hearing younger kids use it too.

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