I cut

Icut .... Don't ever do it I've lostmy faith in eveything one now I pop pills ... I am descusyed with my self ... I used 2 be realy prey and popular but no 1 likes me any more I go 2 a christain skool so they think I'm from the devil.. I'm not .... I have no 1 I go on the Internet and talk 2 strangers ..... My family tells me I'm hopless and lost u just want some who can love me ..... anyone ... I used 2 love my sisys bf in a bro kindoff way but then he left I rembember his smell and Hugggs they were like heaven but he's gone and I need someone my sis hates me now ..... I need someone ....anyone

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  • the only key key for that is to think positively
    don't let other people ruin you.. life is not to be miserable.. smile often..find people who may understand you..will encourage you to be at your best.. maybe you can find it online..

  • I would cut too if I had a one-digit IQ.

    As for the person above me, "fad"? Really? Serious cutting that suicidal people do to relieve themselves isn't a "fad." Is bumilia a fad? Smoking? Compulsive eating? I'm surprised you type so well seeing as you sound like a Class A dumbshit.

  • It is absolutely a fad, idiot. It barely existed several years ago and now it's high-profile and popular; that's kind of the textbook definition of a fad. There are many ways to deal with stress and emotional pain, but most of them don't get you the right kind of "attention." And seeing as how you need to go after just about everybody here, I think we all know who the real Class A dumbshit is.

  • Your probably the same kind of j****** that believes alcoholism is a disease.

  • Life gets better. Don't let anyone else define who you are. That's up to you. If you're family says you're hopeless, don't believe them. Prove them wrong. Work hard and become someone. If you're successful, people will flock to you.

  • I agree. I was a cutter when I was in middle school and I am now getting ready to graduate from college. I understand what you're feeling better than most people and I am going to tell you that it gets better. The trick is finding things to be passionate about. Try new things, experience new things, meet new people. It's amazing how fast your life can turn around.

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