i have not grown pubes yet and im 22 my

i have not grown pubes yet and im 22 my p**** is only 1 an a half inches long i cant get women in bed because they just laugh when they see my p**** one girl even reached at sight of my tiny p**** and now it seems to get me so h**** being mocked or laughed at about my p****

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  • sorry if this is weird but u may be a hermaphrodite. your tiny p**** might actually be a large c*******. Idk think about it.

  • You just haven't grown up yet give it time it will happen f*** what everyone else says ok.

  • LOL^

  • This person is disturbed. Maybe you should become gay, and stay on the recieving end

  • hahahha you piece of s***!! lol

    kill yourself !!

  • Doesnt that bald soccer ref have that syndrum where he has no body hair? the human body is weird at times.

    I bet some tranny lovers out there would love ya.

  • sounds like you may have some testosterone problems. a doctor should be able to clear it up pretty easily

  • Just Go To SuperMarket & Buy Artificial Pennis & Get It how Long as u Can (Extra Large) & then Just Put it On your back Side & feel Some happiness I also Did Same I am also having this sameProblem Buyyyy...

  • dude i have solution take a rope tie one end on ur p**** & keep on pulling the other end u surely feel some pain but ultimately ur problem is solved. man i got some talent.

  • hey... its ok to make up this stupid bull s*** .. but hey atleast lie that its big.....

  • umm im sorry....

  • pfft. i think you may have cancer in your b****. or your brain.
    and you have a stunted body.
    get that checked mate.
    cancer spreads.
    next it could be your hand, then youd be f*****.
    h**** and unable to help.

  • BULL S***

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