I need him

There's this boy I have been talking to for months. He's my ex and he was the one to end things. Recently things have gotten extremely hot and I am willing to take things to the next level.. The problem is he had a girlfriend that he has been dating for a year and I know he's never going to leaave her for me. I love him so much and it's morethan just sexual attraction he is everything ur warned not to fall for when your a little girl but I can't help but need him. I'm not proud of helping him cheat with his gf but every time I try to end things he tells me he doesn't want to lose me because he needs me. What do I do? I know he's using me but he makes me so happy. I never wanted to be this girl why can't u stop this it's pathetic :((

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  • How would you like this done to you? Just think long and hard about it, he's not worth it.

  • You can't handle this relationship and need to get out. It would be another thing if you just wanted to f*** this guy but you're all tangled up emotionally. He just wants a piece of your fine ass. Unless you're in the mood for continued heartache move on.

  • needing someone is not love.

    love is putting you above her.

    hopes and dreams, and you love, is blinding you to what he is doing.

    be strong, make the right decision, which is so rarely the easy one.

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