29 year old virgin

It’s embarrassing but I’m a 29 year old virgin. I’ve never really been in a relationship with a guy. I am so completely turned on by men. I always seem to be attracted to men that aren’t available (due to their position (job position) or unavailability). I’m not unattractive but I’m not exactly gorgeous. I did invest in a vibrator sometime back and it was a great investment. It does bring much pleasure. I’m so ready to lose my virginity (just don’t want to get pregnant or an STD).

I’d love to give a man a b******/handjob and have him use his fingers and tongue on me. I want to have my body touched, especially to have my b****** sucked and my p**** licked. I want to have a man’s p**** in me. I’d be willing to try many different positions and I think I’d enjoy wearing costumes. No a*** though, that is for sure.

I just don’t want to die alone or as a virgin. I mean, like I said, I’m not ugly but I’m not really all that pretty. I’m short and a bit overweight. I am in grad school. I wear glasses and have short medium to dark blonde hair.

Dec 24, 2010

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  • As long as you've got a c-u-n-t that's all that matters honey.

  • Perhaps you could hook up with an older man. An older man could show you lots of things. They'd have the experience and would be able to show you a nice time.

  • Yes be safe, both with the guy you pick for your experience and the condom you MUST use. Trim or shave your bush, let the guy know you're a virgin so he'll take it slow the first time. Hold your expectations of greatness for the second or third time. Don't try to hook up with someone from an anonymous confessions site. Look for real dudes. There are plenty of real men who would love to have no-strings s**.

  • Why don't you sign up with a couple of dating sites and get yourself out there. You've waited this long, maybe you would do better to see about finding someone for a LTR. You never know who you might meet if you try. Just be safe..

  • where are you from ? let us plan to meet ? you want my email ?

  • I'd have s** with you. I'm sure you're beautiful.

  • I was playing with my eight year old daughter one day and we were rolling around on the floor and i could see up her dress and i noticed she didn't have any knickers on and i got very h**** and my c*** became hard . She noticed the lump in my shorts and said is that your willy daddy, i said yes sweetheart, she said can i feel it,i said yes darling and i said why don't we take all our clothes off and we can play with each other. So we quickly stripped off our cloths and when she saw my rock hard c*** she said Oh daddy it so big it's bigger than my brother,s. I said so have you seen your brothers c*** then, she replied yes we used to bath together and he let me play with it. I said would you like play with mine she smiled and then nodded yes and then she took hold of my hard c*** and i slipped my hand between her legs and cupped her young c*** and slipped a finger between c*** lips. She said Oh daddy that feels very nice, i said you can stroke my c*** if you want. so she took hold of it and played with my b****. We were playing with each other for some time when i came and c** all over her belly and thighs as it run down her young
    c***.She laughed and said i liked that daddy can we do it again, replied Oh yes darling and when you are old enough i'm going to f*** you, she said i can't wait for that.

  • You are so f***** up, you're obviously kidding and this is no f****** joke. if it were to happen I'd run you in to the police paedohpile hotline and ensure you're jailed to the max. You're a sick c-u-n-t. You should be physically and chemically castrated you p**** of a bloke.

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