Bestfriend I am so very in love with you.

I'm unsure if this should be a, s** catagory or a friend. Either way, I chose s**. I, love my bestfriend. In more ways than one. She. So very claims to be, "straight" yet you lead me on. You squeze your t** t*** and undress in front of me, and you love touching me and comparing my t*** with yours, you love playing around and dry humping my, you love stripping and clubing with me. I'm bi but never told you . When we party we make out. I've purposfully gotton you drunk, so drunk that I took you upstairs to my loft and took off all your cloths. I laud next to you naked and exsplained how I love you, you told me you love me, you told me you wanted me, you faintysis about me but you could never date me because of Cody. He may be my boyfriend but I told you I would give him up. I told you I rather have you and your body as mine. You laughed and passed out you dumb b****. I had my way with you though. I did play with you warm p****, I ate you out, I sucked your t*** I played with your small c*** and big lips, you were cleanly shaven and a little musky but sweet. I loved having you in my sheets. I want you again. I want you as mine. I do not like costs d*** slamming into me. I don't want it, I hate it. I hate that e grabs my hips and thinks I'm some toy something he can shoot his load in, I know this is probably karma. I just want you, your soft body and brown hair. I want you, I want you to make love with me, to brake me, to suduce me and I'll become yours. I'll do anything you wish, and my body and soul will be yours, as yours will be mine.

Dec 26, 2010

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  • Last time I checked, intentionally getting someone drunk and having your way with them after they pass out is rape. :/

    In my opinion you shouldn't rape someone if you love or care for them.

  • Check again, you f***. She can f*** her if the girl said to f*** her and they were over the age you dimwitted f**.

  • Not if she had passed out. What if she decided not to go through with it, ie say no, she can't when passed out. You need to be conscious to give consent.

  • I promise it will be better for you if you tell her. All you'll gain is knowledge.

  • Honestly, I wish I could.

  • :( Why don't you tell her?

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