1st Time Cheating

I'm 45 chubby 40dd my husband has not f***** me for 9mths due to medical reasons and I was very frustrated.
On a night out with a close friend and after a few wines, I told her and she disclosed that her and her husband had an open relationship and he would sort me out if I wanted. I blushed and she said shall I ring him, I said you are slim and I'm fat, she told me I am gorgeous with a full figure and he would love my big t***. I had a tingle in my p**** and agreed.
We went back to her flat, she straddled me naked and he came back, he kissed me and said I have wanted to see you t*** for a long time and sucked my fat nipples Sue came over with wine and beer, she sat in a chair and watched as he sucked my t*** and fingered my p****, he stripped and I was pleased to see he had a big c***. I lent forward kissing his fat k***, wanking it then took it in my mouth, it was lovely. He pulled me up and bent my over the coffee table, forced his meat into my wet p**** and f***** me hard, my big t*** swinging, Sue stood in front of me and stripped, then felt my t*** which pushed me over the edge and I had a huge o*****, my knees buckled and I knelt down so did he and rammed back into me, he spunked deep into me, the gave me his c*** to suck. Sue told me to. Lay on the table, knelt between my legs and licked my spunky p**** making me c** again.
We drank wine and I watched as he f*** her.
I now feel like a w**** but want more.
Should I do it again?


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  • Your a w**** it's a BS store but your still a w****! Why does everyone of these stories the guy has a huge c***? What BS! Plain and simple BS!! W****!

  • Are are you ashamed of your pathetic little winky: W*****

  • W*****

  • Do it again and get as much c*** as you can ....
    pete ;-)

  • Thank you Pete, I have been. If you get this months Escort magazine in Suzanne and you can contact me and I will let you f*** me.
    Iv met 20 men and 3 couples this way and want more especially couples

  • Sure. And lick her c***

  • I have and loved it

  • Wowww can u send ur boos pic

  • F*** of w*****

  • Definitely keep doing it. It'll make you more happy and in turn, your husband more happy.

  • Yes it did make me happy, thank you. I'm meeting up with Sue later. She has suggested that I shave my p**** which I have. So I'm hoping to have another good f****** sand more l**** s** xx

  • Make a video and post it in the BBW section on pornhub.

  • F*** off w*****

  • YESSSS!!!

  • It's not cheating if you do t get caught and from what I hear you f****** enjoybit, if you have no Isue integrity wise doing it I see why not just don't get caught

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