chris was awful to me i was 13 and he

chris was awful to me
i was 13 and he was 17
he used to abuse me emotionally
trick and gulit trip me mentally
'if you loved me youd..'
'i want to kill myself and i have you to thank'
'you dont care about me if you dont tell me if you touch yourself'
physically he did not abuse me
just tease, make me uncomfortable, hands in untouched places.
(i hope the army takes you down)

no ard abused me physically.
for not listening to the no.
the knee to your groin.
the sexual harassment forms.
the hand up my skirt.
the tears. thanks.

while we are thanking,
thanks myles.
i appreciate the physical cornering.
the insestant phone calls.
dirty words into my innocent ears as you raped my best friend, conning her too.
you said you loved her, pinned her down.
f***** her.
sent her home.
rang me and begged me to give you head.
im glad i was strong enough to flee you.
oh and a refferal.

but todd.
no i didnt flee you.
you ran from me.
you asked for a kiss,
i said no.
you asked for me to be put on the spit with myles, he told me about you afterall.
then i turned you down, you pursed the sweettalking.
no, you cried in a last effort to trick me into s** wiht you.
a 14 year old iwth a 18 year old.
so you never spoke to me again.

just like i never spoke of this again.

and now, im scared ill push these tricks onto my boyfriend,
for once,
loves me and doesnt abuse me.

oh, and is the only one i f*****.
and i actaully love him.
i want to spend the rest of my life with him.
he skips my downers.
i f****** love him.

dont worry boys, im about to publish evry f***** up message and story on my myspace.
airing my dirty laundry, so to speak.

so, what do i think now?
i hope you die, i hope you die,
love from me

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  • Good for you !!
    Stupid b**** !!

    Can i f*** you ? if you love me you'll let me !!

  • Take up masturbation.

    It does the soul good.

  • i think i no u!im gonna ask u tomorra.
    i didnt no it waz that bad.i thuoght i new u betta.sorry.

  • what?...i don't get it...what's going on?


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