Step .mom

When I was in high school I caught my step mom watching p*** naked in the front room. She asked if I've ever seen p*** before and I said no. I sat down and watched a video of a woman masterbating. Her hand moving faster as the woman oinn the video moaned and finished. I don't know why but I stayed as my step mom also finished. She said it's not weird that everyone does it. A week later she said she was going to watch her video again and invited me. The woman on the video was gorgeous but I couldn't keep my eyes off my step mom.She was moaning loudly and thrusting her hips. I realized I was holding my breath when she finished. I started to experiment on myself but couldn't get the same effect as her. To watch another video. I took off my pants like her and watched her movement. I started to feel something as the women on the video began to climax. I finished with her and watched my step mom continue. We started watching the videos a couple times a week. My step mom sat close to me and would sometimes watch me. I turned me on when she watched me and I always came harder when she did. She invited some other women over once and we all masterbated. I noticed the women were watching me more than anyone. And so I really tried to impress them.I came once needed to stretch so I got on the floor. I slowly began again and turned around so I was facing the ladies. They all stared at me and when I came I gushed out. One of the women asked if I wanted to make a video myself. And I agreed. I sat in a chair and took my time as six ladies stood around me and filmed. When I came the camera zoomed on my eyes as I finished. Everyone clapped and after one of the ladies asked if She could get me too come to her house to perform. But my step mom said no. She thought the lady was a lesbian and would make me have s** with her. I've never told anyone about that. And now I'm older I wonder what happened with the video. I was only fourteen or fifteen so there is no way they could sell it.

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