Its sad

I have a crush on my little sisters best friend, its like we like each other, we flirt and sleep in the same bed when we travel I am 25 yrs old he is 21 years old, we look into each others eyes and i see it... like I didnt get it why dont we just f*** we have this crazy chem btw the both of us its like he loves me and i love him but we dont want to hurt my sister and her friendship, i have only f***** one guy my entire life my cuz at that and i havent f***** an other man i just guess i am a h**** lonely sick person... i just wish i can f*** him and just get it out of my system.... this feels better out in the open

Oct 11, 2011

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  • i dont see what the problem is. ur two consenting adults. go on a real date. get drunk. f***. if it doesnt work out then it doesnt work out.

  • There's something wrong with the guy. He should be making some attempt to tap your ass. Especially if you're sending signals you're open too the idea.

    Is he gay? Try alcohol and some touching. You may be pursuing a dead end.

  • I agree. If you two are in bed together why no touching? Seems a little odd to me. Just work your way down to his d*** and give it a little rub. See what happens. If he pushes you away - gay - if not, well, you should know what to do then...

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