My double life (no Im not Hannah Montanna)

I have been cheating on my banana girlfriend for the past 97 years. I didnt mean to, but what thing let to another and I ended up falling in love.. with her biggest enemy.. the tomato. She hates them because they are too confusing. Is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? WHO KNOWS!! The tomato wont even tell me. Thats why I am sooo into the relationship. There is ALWAYS something to find out! I put makeup and hair onto the tomato... but never clothes, if you catch my drift. I have the upmost respect and love for the banana, but sometimes love isnt enough.. I am a MAN! I need sexual intimacy! The tomato gives me that thrill, the TINGLING sensation! Thank you, website, for letting me share my feelings! OH CRAP! Banana has been sitting here the WHOLE time.. oh darn.. wellp, tomato, HERE I COME!!!

- SINCERELY cucumber

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  • Aww. Amazing >.<

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