This is not a confession. I just need

This is not a confession. I just need to vent.

I'm sick and tired of you emo kids whining about yourselves. Whatever happened to standing up for yourself. "Oh my god I got picked on by the football captain I'd front of all the girls." First off stop dressing like girls and you can get girls. Most girls are not into other girls. Dress like a man. Secondly knock that football player the f*** out. Hey if George McFly can knock Biff out in one shot you can do the same. Ok stand up for yourself and stop feelin sorry for yourself everytime somethin goes wrong. Your life is what YOU make it. So get over yourselves, dress your gender, and for christ sake stand up for yourselves. I'm gonna leave you with a quote my dad told me as a little kid and still tells me today: "A man is not defined by his fortunes in life, he is defined by how he handles his misfortunes."

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  • LOL Hey emo^ why not hurt yourself, then cry about it in a circle with all your emo friends?

    AHAHAHAHHAHAH soooo funny. i hate emos!

  • yeah but what is dressing emo? I mean emo is more of the way you act then dress.

  • you know... my best friend dresses "emo". she doesn't whine about her problems even though her parents are junkies and she was molested when she was a little kid. get to know people before you judge them.
    even though the majority of emo's are stupid, whining little s****, lol.

  • ^Yeah in that episode os South Park with the goth kids, they claim to be "nonconformists," but you can't hang with them unless you listen to the same music and dress like them. . .lol that episode was funny.

  • Emo's give people with actual problems and depression a bad rep.I don't hate Emo's or goth's or whatever,but I believe like you said,people have problems and should stand up and take them head on.And I agree,Men shouldnt look like chicks (I am a girl) It's unattractive when I see a guy wearing pants that are neon pink and so tight I wonder how his b**** are getting oxygen.I'm all for being an individual,but conforming to something that is supposedly "nonconformist" makes you yourself a conformist in an even more rediculous and pathetic way.True individualism comes from within and can never be copied.

  • Lol I agree. Emos are total dumbasses. They all say that they're so original and nonconformist even though they're ALL acting the same way about it. What hippocritical nubs they are.

  • LOL Hey emo^ why not hurt yourself, then cry about it in a circle with all your emo friends?

  • The op is a complete tool and a p**** I bet. From simply reading your BS I hate you and want to hurt you.

  • Emos are all a bunch of little posers. . .I really can't stand self-pity bullshit from kids who have never had to live a "real" hard life. . .try moving to Iraq, where you go out to play at your local park only to find the streets littered with the dead bodies of your neighbors. . .f****** emo kids (ship em all off to a 3rd world country, they will change their tune real quick)!


  • ^lol the darkness in the human sout. are you kidding me?

  • To the OP, You don't understand the darkness in the human soul! You never will.

  • Yeah, but. They kind of just want the attention and to fit in to the fad.

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