It felt too real..

I woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink and shortly went back to bed, I was half asleep when i was having this dream, of myself playing the role of mothers ghost body when she's looking for her assumed dead daughter.

It felt like it was being told to me as a story, as the mother calls out the little girls name, there is a few seconds silence, when I heard a little voice quietly reply "Mommy". At the same time I was aware that i was in bed and I felt so awake, but the dream went on and as soon as that little girl replied, I got the most scared feeling i've ever felt in my life.

And for seconds I was tryng to turn around to my boyfriend, but I couldn't move, it felt like I was in shock. Eventualy I did, but I was breathing heavily and he got really worried, I explained it to him, and he just re-assured me that everything was ok.

A dream has never affected me this much before.
If anyone read this, please leave your thoughts?
Thanx x

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