Can't get over my daughter passing away

My daughter passed away 3 years ago this week and can't move on,I go on chat sites and meet up with guys for s**,I get them to come to my place and im not interested in small talk i just want s**,I've lost count on how many it's been now.I had my nephew come round like he has done to see if im ok and done something maybe i shouldn't off,I got changed with my door open for him to see and when i saw him looking i called him in and asked him was he going to just look or do something,I wasn't sure asking him that what he would do and soon enough i was about to find out,he had an evil laugh and and said to me he's been waiting so long for this moment and shoved me hard backwards on to my bed,as i bounced on my bed he took off his clothes and pulled me towards him and was inside me,I layed there and let him get on with it,he wasn't quick it went on for at least half hour my mind was elsewhere and didn't realize that he already e********* long before,I felt embarrassed because he gave me a o***** and me having one done it for him and he had his own,I asked him to leave right after and felt ashamed and felt more ashamed later for thinking about asking him to visit just for s**.

Nov 7, 2021

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  • Not everyone is fake like you been putting on every single confession

  • That is fake but you need some serious help since you can think that fake shitt up! Go get it now.

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