I don't know what I should do...

Back in October I decided to go to a concert that was down the street from me by myself. I ended up hanging out with a bunch of people until 6am, just because they were so fun to be around. They invited me to another concert a couple hours away the following night and I was all in! It was the last night any of them would be around because they all lived about 7 hours away. So the next night I ended up making out with one of the guys I was hanging out with, in the backseat of my car. He definitely wanted more, but I was too shy/embarrassed and was convinced I was never going to hear from him again. However, he ended up texting me the following day. All of his texts were requests for me to come visit him and to send him pictures and sexual stuff, but I was loving it. Then we stopped talking for about a month, where out of the blue he texted me asking me to come visit. We talked for a couple of days and then stopped for another month.. Then last week he texted me again. He asked AGAIN for me to come visit and I said maybe and he said good.. and that was it. I can't stop thinking about this guy! I really want to go visit but I'm not sure if I'm being ridiculous. Another complication is.. I'm a virgin- and just FYI I'm 20. So obviously I'd be losing it if I went down there, but would I regret that? I feel like I wouldn't but maybe it's much more life altering than I'm anticipating. I'm not sure what to do, and I don't know who to talk to about it. I need some advice! Anyone?

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  • Well the guy definitely is interested in you..and most likely, yes he wants s**. He's probably off and on because you're not in the same town as he is. Whatever you do, don't send him nude photos of yourself..that is just bad idea all around. If you go down there, you'll definitely have fun. Whether you have s** or not, is totally up to you. You're not promising him anything and it should always be your choice. Nothing wrong with being a virgin..is there a reason why you've waited this long? or hoping you'd be in a LTR? Regret? You only get one first time..it may not be mind blowing, but it will be memorable and you want to like the person you're with. Will you be okay if this guy doesn't want anything serious with you after? Can you talk to one of your girlfriends? They'll know you best. Whatever you do, make sure you use protection! Good luck!

  • Thank you! I have two close girlfriends and they are polar opposites, one says Go! Do it! And the other thinks I shouldn't even talk to him anymore.. And ahh I DID send him a picture of me topless.. it was a very poor decision but I didn't (and won't) send another without me being completely clothed. I'm not really sure why I've waited so long.. no real reason. I haven't really dated THAT many guys, I'm painfully shy so I end up only dating guys that are really confident and persistent- and they tend to be the a*******. I would definitely be upset if I went down there and then he ended up not liking me anymore, but I don't think it would be the end of the world. Should I ask him if he has Skype? And maybe talk to him on there about visiting him? I'm ridiculous I know.. I need to not be so worried. ha

  • It's okay to be shy. If you go, that doesn't mean you have to give it up to this guy. You should do what you feel comfortable doing. Yea, why don't you ask him to Skype.. at least you can see his facial expressions and get a real vibe for what he's thinking and how he reacts to you. Sometimes we make up things in our head..you know you like the idea of him, more than who he really is. But you are far from being ridiculous, you're just unsure and hopeful. If it works out great! And if it doesn't ..it's okay too. He's not the only guy out there. Get your girlfriends and go to the clubs or join a meetup group, or a dating site. You're in school right? There must be tons of single young available (straight) boys out there waiting to take you out. :-)

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