I have a crush

I have a crush on one of my mom's best friends. She is more than 20 years older than me but I dream of running away with her, somewhere in Alaska or Colorado, in the woods and live in a log cabin together. If I tell my parents, they will believe I am crazy or something. I need to go to college next fall and I'm already traumatized that I will not be able to see her around, anymore. Of course I never talked to her about my crush, and I guess she would just make fun of me behind my back, with my mom, if I did. I love her so much, and I feel so helpless...

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  • Trust me, if you want an older woman go to college. Get experience in your line of work in the summer even if you only barely make ends meet, or less. Get your degree. Get your cabin if you want after you have your job. You will then get your older lady if you want her. Odds are good you will be able to have your pick of older ladies. This is the order of things if you like it or not.

  • I know that isn't true. There's more to it than that. Let me explain one thing though. She is going to be a far more difficult conquest than the girls at your college. Why? Not because of your age difference, but because of the way you view yourself. Don't keep this from your mom. You're your own man now, and she doesn't get to ground you because she doesn't approve. You must make a move and be a man about it. Bring flowers to her and say "These are for you dear, because I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I've been in love with you for a long time. Take your flowers and then be ready tomorrow at seven because I'm taking you to the carnival." Guaranteed, she does not want to date a boy who's worried about what mom will think. Don't make her the one to fight with the ethics of this, the "what will Judy think? (or whatever your mom's name is)" Those problems need to be solved by you the way a 50 year old man would solve them. That's why they don't date boys your age.

  • Make your move, fool. If she's single you may have a shot. H***, even if she's married you may get a piece. But ditch the running away to a cabin crap. Adults don't buy into that s***. Just see if you have a shot at getting into her pants. If you're 18 and she isn't risking a jail sentence, she may want a slice of the young. Who cares if she makes fun of you? Just say hey, I wanted to f*** her. People can respect that.

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