Love is hard

I truly love this girl but she has a boyfriend we have had s** but thats not love its l*** so im wondering wat i should do bottle up the feelings or beat her bf till he cant feel anything anymore

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  • leave it be. leave his gf alone. really if she dumped his ass for yours, wouldnt you just be wondering if she was cheating on YOU???

  • Why would u beat the bf up? How is this whole thing his fault? Grow up

  • Love is hard... yet love is an incredible thing! I challenge you to learn to love your self for all that you are and then find some one who loves themselves too! The love you will share together is the most amazing.

  • your words are beautiful i dont know who you are but i feel as though you have helped me in an undescribable way thank you ihope you read this and wish i could put a face to these words alas you will probably never see this and i will never be able to properly thank you

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