Dirty Fantasies

When I see a pretty woman on the street I imagine how I would tie her to my bed, strip her naked and torture her (mainly whipping her). I imagine her cries of pain and how she begs for mercy. These fantasies turn me on. I derive pleasure from the idea of inflicting pain on helpless young women and make them suffer. Is this wrong and what can I do? I feel bad for these fantasies on the other hand I really would like to torture a tied woman. But I have never done anything in that direction.

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  • I don't have a whip but the marks left by a whip on my wife's back makes me extremely h****

  • You're probably an abusive person... likely a sports fan, probably have minor brain damage and might want to consider suicide.

  • Till these are only fantasies, its fine.. do not think of making them real

  • As long as you don't act on these fantasies they're fine. Find a girl who's into BDSM and have consensual kinky s** with her.

  • m********* to it - wallow in the fantasy but never act on it

  • Hope I do bump into you one day!!

    Oops... do not!! I meant DO NOT really! ;-)

  • so do you think these desires are wrong? it's just that these fantasies are so extreme. for example i often imagine how i'd force very large things up an eighteen year-old girl's r*****, so that her compressor muscle is ripped apart. or whipping her until she's covered in b***** streaks.

  • wow, forcing things up a girl's r***** so big that her muscle is ripped sounds really hot.

  • Dr O. Is a fat American f*****

  • Some women are into it, you just have to make sure there okay with it. I would love for a man to tie me up, with hand cuffs spank me till I scream and cry, begging for mercy. Then be taken into there rough embrace and f***** so hardd that I'm gasping for air, I would love for a guy to punish my c*** to make ne o***** so many times it actually hurts. I'd want him to tease me and squeze me.. Sitting would hurt for weeks. Oh god.

  • so do you enjoy pain and being completely helpless? how far would you go?

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