Me too

I confess that often times i have some far out fantasies.First let me say that i am married and the picture of normalcy.Like every normal person i go to work have hobbies play games etc...But when im alone and have fantasies they get well....
One of my fantasies is to be blind folded in the middle of a room nude and forced to do what ANYONE in the group wants.I imagine myself being made to suck or being bent over furnituure.I think of how it would feel when its inside meor when they come in me on either end.
Another i thimk about is that i owe alot of money to a couple or that they get some sort of daming information on me and force me to do their bidding once a week. I imagine one on each end.Either me eating her and him lubeing me up to do me or her useing a strapon and him pumping my wet mouth.
As i said im married but my wife knows nothing of these thoughts.I dont know if she would be into this stuff.Does this stuff seem too far out to present to her? Should i risk asking act out some of this?

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  • I'm the one who wrote the "I have this need to be controlled" confession. I think you should feel your wife out first by casually bringing the topic up. Maybe mention that you read online or something about people who have thee fantasies and then try to gauge her reaction. As you can see a lot of people have these fantasies, including me.

  • Ive been thinking of ways to present the idea of her useing a strapon on me...putting me on all fours and making me lube it up orally then maybe squeezing some ky into and around my bottom and putting it in me. I hint at the idea during s**. Shes very receptive to sucking and pinching my nipples(i think she likes when i put one in her mouth while she pinches and tugs on the other and she REALLY knows how to work them) and spanking me,im very vocal about liking it. recently she was on her back with one leg propped up and I made a point of pushing my bare bottom against it and saying....things. If she does at some point progress to doing it to me with a strapon ill try to work on the idea of us finding a place with CLEAN anonymous people so she and a guy can force me to do things. I think of how it would feel to have it shoot inside my bottom...i wonder if i could feel it gushing out....

  • Does anyone think this guy should present these ideas to his wife? I say ,why not? And if you dont do that, be on the look out for a situation like this you can inject yourself into. No pun intended.I had the 2nd scenario happen where I owed and didnt go through with it and regret it still.

  • That's everyone's fantasy

  • Take it slowly but you should definitely communicate this with your wife. She just might make your fasntasies (some of them) come true.

  • Id love to feel her t****** press into my back as she used a strapon on me

  • Don't worry; you're not the only one.

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