No difference

I didn't think it would be this hard. I thought, somehow, that I would magically be able to erase every last morsel of it. That when some time had passed, I would just go back to being me again, and put him in a locked chest inside my brain to collect dust, to never see the light of day. Never to consume me again.
But my confession is this - I miss him every day. Instead of being easier, it has only gotten harder. I can't forget. And the more I pretend to move on, the bigger the lie is that I have to tell myself. I'm afraid that I will love him for the rest of my life.

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  • I have the same problem. People will tell you it will get better. That one day you'll forget. But some things can't be forgotten... You just learn to live with it. If you occupy yourself by working on things, then you think about it less often, but it'll always be there. Its best to just try to accept it and go on with your life... Fighting yourself only makes it harder.

  • out of sight, out of mind. any memory that is fresh in your mind you have been thinking about. want to forget everything about this guy? then DONT think about him. easier said than done, but within time the memories will fade, and you can open yourself up to someone who deserves and needs you :)

  • Go dancing.
    Bake cookies.
    Finger paint.
    Read a book.
    Make new friends.
    Connect with old friends.

    Keep moving, and one day it won't hurt. Then one day when your really really ready you will fall agian.

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