I should have looked up sooner

I was in a terrible relationship for 5 years. We were off and on the whole time. At one point I met this great new guy, but like an idiot I went back to what was familiar. Now 4 months later, I'm single agian after yet another terrible breakup and the new guy never stopped trying to get to me. It's been 6 days and 3 dates. He is the most amazing man I have ever met. He has a great job, musically artistic, reads the same books, grew up in the same church, incredibly smart. He is the most wonderful gentleman. And he does what the ex never did. He really really kisses me. Like pressed against a wall, hands in hair, ground shaking, purse dropping kisses. He hauled me accross the front seat of his car and snogged my brains out. I really thought men like him were an extinct breed. Thank god I was wrong.

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  • Sounds like he's persistent, skilled in wooing and a great kisser. Why the h*** hasn't he sealed the deal yet, if you know what I mean?

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