Okay. so i'm quite young yeah? 14. and i want this guy so bad. i have for a year now. he's messed me around quite a lot - i had so many opportunities to get with him, but i wasted them all and i regret it so so much. and i see him walking around school and i know he notices me too - but we're not as close anymore, not as many opportunites.... and i just want to get with him so bad, sexually. i feel so bad as well. i'm only just turned 14. this has never happened to me before but i'm always thinking about him in every way possible, but i'm starting to notice, more frequently, sexually. how can i get close to him again, so that more opportunites may arise? ;)

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  • Don't lose him again. go right up to him and offer to give him anything he wants..oral, a*** anything. Tell him you will do anything for him. I am sure he will then not only notice you but will be with you. then, you can get him to really like or love you. But do whatever he says and whatever he wants.

  • Don't make the mistake of letting your hormones drive you, just as the anon above said. Trust me, you may be sexually attracted but do you like him for his personality? If you do have s**, what then? Your ambitions gone, your relations with him akward, and your just going to have to fight back gossip. Let it pass. It may make you want to explode, but it will be better than losing your virginity, and then most likely being followed by many men and gaining the title of s*** in your school. You will be ok. But don't go beyond kissing and maybe some oral.

  • These are more or less just your hormones crying out at you, worry not, it'll pass.

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