I don't get it

Everybody talks about s** like it's some big amazing thing, physically, emotionally, etc. I don't see it. It feels very mechanical to me, emotionless, like getting a pelvic exam from a doctor.

I used to be very interested in s**, easily aroused, etc. Then I lost my virginity, and all I could think was, "That's what all the fuss is about??" It just feels like getting split open, and I just have to put on a brave face and wait for it to be over, and then I'm all sore after. Now I'm not really interested in s** at all. I don't even m********* any more.

I hate it when people talk about s** like it's amazing because I either think they're lying or that I'm missing out on something that I can't get because maybe my body is broken or something.

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  • it'a a chore. i just lay back and take it. i don't know what he gets out of it.

  • it feels uncomfortable the first few times. but if you feel this way after a few times, then the guy isn't doing it right!
    Also, some girls find it hard to get into it if you don't really like the guy and s** ends up passionless and a chore. Most women won't experience an o***** via penetration, which I think takes a lot of the fun out of the whole ordeal compared to guys...thus it's extremely important for the guy to know how to satisfy you first!!!

  • After I lost my virginity I felt pain, too. However, after some time the pain disappeared. I don't know exactly how many times it hurt, but quite a lot, I guess. I think you shouldn't give up on that part of a relationship... At the beginning it may be bad, but it improves with time. Also, your partner should pay attention to your needs. Then the both of you can have something absolutely amazing and complete. Good luck and take care!

  • They're not doing it right. Someone needs to pay attention to both your sexual and emotional needs. If they are tending properly to both the s** is great.

  • Well, from my point of view, there are 3 explanations for your situation:

    a) you are frigid, which is why you're so indifferent next to sexual acts and incapable of enjoying them...OR

    b) you have extra-sensitive genitalia, since you have said that to you, s** feels like being split-open, and that afterwards the area feels sored... Maybe you have some sort of STD... OR

    c) you have had s** before, but you didn't feel attracted to your partner, which kept you away from enjoying the act at all... Attraction is VERY important, you can't choose someone that you don't feel drawn to and expect to have a good time...

    I have other theories as well. One is that you are simply disgusted by s**... Or you have been abused as a child... I think you know the answer to this problem... My take is letter b... If I'm right, I sugegst visiting your doctor and see what the real problem is. If you find yourself in letter c then don't stress it, chance is you'll find someone attractive sooner or later...

    To be honest I'm a virgin (don't tell anyone), but I think s** would be a fun thing to do in a relationship, and if you can't enjoy it... too bad....but anyway, you shouldn't do something you just don't enjoy doing...

  • I feel the same way.

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