I'm not gay, but...

Sometimes I go on craigslist and try to find guys that will give me oral s**. I'm not attracted to guys and always picture woman is doing it. I'm cold when I do it and just close my eyes and let them work my d***. I've done it a few times.

I either respond to an ad or post an ad and usually there's a guy that wants to do it. I'd often be really drunk and lonely and need someone to get me off. I'd often smoke a joint...and wait in my car and let guys hop in a suck my d***. O

I never came, and never really got that hard but I was without a woman so long I really wanted something to suck my d*** since I haven't had a b******* in over 2 years.

Feb 2, 2011

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  • I dont care how many chicks you bang for the rest of your life you let a dude suck your c*** your a f*****. If you dont beleive me tell some of your buddies about it and see what they have to say on the topic.

  • My a****** is still a virgin...I understand I cant consider myself str8. However, I dont fantasize about guys, when I did these acts was when I was single for 2 years...no s** at all. I'm with a girl and dont even think about going on CL and hooking up. I know it's easy to read my confession and call me gay...however, How could I be gay and be with a woman now and have no urge what so ever?

  • Your are super gay no buts about it!

  • I'm with a woman I love and haven't done the above in over a year. I'm not gay...there were a lot of factors to why I did what I did. Luckily I met an amazing girl and she gives me everything I need.

    I do believe Males in general are h**** people. Some of us more than others. I was at a weak point of my life and did something id never even dream of doing again. I didn't even enjoy it...if anything I did it for attention.

  • Whose attention exactly? The guy on the other side of the glory hole? Fess up and admit you were taking it up the p*** shoot too. You need to shed yourself of this guilt cause it isn't healthy. Males are indeed h**** and you like having s** with them. If you stay faithful to your wife that's great but every now and then you'll fantasize about dudes while you're f******.

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