Trip to the farm

I don't know what to call this. a friend of mine from college invited me out to his farm. (i'm a fml). it was really nice, and all. on the farm they have some horses, mostly hobby stuff. well i was asked if i wanted to go see how they mounted a mare. i said o.k., but i didn't expect what i saw.

the stallion was gorgeous, and big. up close, they are really big animals. they brought out the mare which was in heat. i really had never thought about a female 'in heat'. just blows my mind. then they brought the stallion to her and had him smell her rear (female rear), and helped him get exited. they kept bringing her rear to him, and after a while he got exited.

he let his male member out, god it was sooo big. god it was big. they took him to the mare and he mounted her (now i know what they mean by mounting her). and he put that whole thing in her. watching up close those animals in full coital expression was way more than i could handle. how that mare could just stand there and him put all that in her, was just overpowering. of course, we watched until he 'insiminated' her (came to you and me).

that night i couldn't sleep, all i could see was that stallion mounting that mare. i actually got on all fours on the bed and put my rear out like the mare and imagined what it would be like. for the first time in my life i understood the difference between the female and the male. i understand all those expressions now, about she being f***d, mounted, etc. i actually masturbated myself dreaming of that stallion mounting me. its obsessing me. god what it would be like to be male and be able to do that.

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  • WHATHEFUCK!!!!!!

  • I hear where your coming from girl. I used to work on a farm that reared horses and cattle. I used to live in the farm house and my room was in the attic with a veiw of the courtyards. I used to position my bedroom mirror to an angle so that when i was lying in bed I could watch the Stallions doing it I used to get so turned on just watching

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