My wife..

Doesn't ever make me mad till she plays Call of Duty Black Ops. She f****** sucks, and I get all irritated when she doesn't listen to my strategy. I love the game but she makes me want to throw it away, if I do she'll get mad.

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  • Kekekeke. She is probably saving her master strategy to launch on you one day and scare the crud out of you.

  • Well... you can take her in the backyard anytime, and shoot her!

  • It's the only thing she does that makes you mad, not exactly a deal breaker is it?? Time to grow up I think mate

  • You should be more patient I think it's sweet she is playing the game and probably doing it to show she has interests in what you like. Shame on you for being so sell centred.

  • Play Halo. It's better.

    How long she been playing for? Once she noobs it out for a while she'll get better. I have been playing Halo for 10 months or so and I got out of the noobish, rush-the-enemy-repeatedly stage.

  • I tricked mine into playing combat training i never let her go online.

  • But she does give good head. Mmmmmm

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