My little doggie

My little doggie is a small breed. she was in heat and this large neighbors dog got ahold of her. we tried to get to her, but it was too late. i felt so bad for her, stuck to this (what compared to her is a) huge dog.

poor thing, i don't know how she could take it. watching her, my (between my legs) hurt for her.

wonder what kind of litter she is going to have.

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  • It's best if you get her an abortion, chances are she (and the puppies) will die anyway when they grow too large in her and she burst

  • go to the vet. If the puppies are to big you may have to get her an abortion to avoid your dog's very painfull death.

  • Cant you little dog like explode from that? cause the puppies would be big in the little dog

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