He made a game when I was 8. We had to cuddle in bed. I was scared to begin with, but then I got used to it. I began to like it. I asked if we could play the game again on several occasions. Then it all happened so fast. He made me take my clothes off. He was kissing me. I think I blocked the rest out. I can still taste him in my mouth. I want to forget. Make me forget.

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  • Anyone who has been sexually abused as a child has the same feelings you have. But guilt is the big one. You think because you may have enjoyed what he did to you or you somehow encouraged it so you start blaming yourself. Sane society knows you were a victim and he was an abuser. It's tough to forget and maybe forgetting isn't the best thing anyway. As tough as it is you need to get it out and face it for what it is. Abuse. Good luck.

  • You're not going to forget. What you are going to do is stop reliving the guilt you feel over what happened and the memory will no longer hurt you or dominate you. Get yourself to a counselor and stop brooding on the past, you are injured only as much as you let yourself be, and it's time to stop letting yourself be injured by the child within. You're an adult now. Let go. Move on.

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