Forget her

Forget your wife. Think only of me. Forget her. Think only of us. I am your future.



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  • I see flames in your future. An ocean, nay, a giant lake, of fire, yes! A lake of fire and....burning sulfur! Yes, I can see it now, boiling, churning and with much smoke rising from it. And I see you there, screaming and wailing, yes, endlessly in despair.

    Yes, that is your future. And his future, too, if he's dumb enough to follow you.

  • If they cheat with you, they'll cheat on you.

  • So totally correct.

  • Its women like you that destroy hundreds of marriages every day

  • How do you know it's a woman and not a man?

    Temptation presents itself in various forms. If a couple have a strong and happy monogamous relationship, would they allow temptation to ruin it? Are they not strong enough to abstain and ignore lustful temptation? It depends on the individuals character. Are they a loyal person to begin with and so forth. Plus, there are numerous relationship dynamics/lifestyles today and a monogamist relationship isn't the only one out there.

  • ^this is so true. and its very well written.

  • Sorry, but I think you're kidding yourself.

  • You don't have as much control over your supposed "slaves" as you think you do. They are willing to fantasize over you, but as soon as you attempt to move into the realm of reality, you immediately lose your following. And their money. . .which is all you're really after anyway.

  • You do realise that as soon as he leaves his wife and shacks up with you that the excitment and spark will die. You will become the wife and that means cooking and ironing and you will grow tired and he will then go looking for another lover.

  • Cooking and ironing isn't a woman's job, It's anyone's job. Don't be a chauvinistic a***!

  • No, it's definitely a woman's job. It's not chauvinism you dumb b****, it's just reality. Now get back to the kitchen and learn to cook.

  • Sorry. I was meaning that once the man leaves his wife and shacks up with this lady, he will do b***** all. The romance and excitement will evaporate and I bet she will be stuck doing meneal tasks like washing ironing and cooking and cleaning the house and he will be out looking for another lover.

  • Fair enough, I get your point :)

    Some idiotic men think the grass is greener on the otherwise, but it isn't. It becomes the same old s***, after a while lol :) When will those idiots learn

  • Other side, not otherwise (:

  • I will never be his wife. He will just be confirming what he already knows: I am his owner. He won't go elsewhere, not ever, and "cooking and ironing" are not in my repertoire. But you would love to know what IS in my repertoire.

  • Indeed I would love to know. When you use words like you are his owner. So hot.

  • Yes, my darling. "Ownership" is a concept that virtually all men respond to (whether they will it admit it to you or not), after they've resisted the idea for awhile, but they always want to be owned by a strong, knowledgeable, skilled, sensual woman. And yes, I "own" the man I was writing to, and he knows it. He also knows that he is not the only man I own. Many are married, many aren't. But even the married ones acknowledge that I am supreme in their lives. My repertoire is ever-changing, but it always includes and requires the worship of my ass and a******, foot fetish, taking golden showers, humiliation, ruined o****** (or edging, if you prefer), and other ways of displaying love. I engage in many other darker pursuits, perhaps too dark to discuss here, but never any meanness (just strict and necessary discipline), nor any severe pain or blood: there are plenty of dominants who do that, but not me.

  • I can't for get her either, but I don't want a only us buller-dust future, the worst part is she did some sort of wicca on me and now I look as ugly as she did. someone help me please. I used to look pretty til she hit me with her ugly stick for no reason. I did nothing to her.

  • That wicca s*** doesn't last. Find a really good mistress/domme. We can reverse their spells. Trust me. Go to your mistress.

  • I'm trying to decide if this is hot or gay. Not that gaiety is bad, but it isn't me.

    Am I the only one wondering if this is gay?

    Jest askin...

  • Not gay. Just nasty. Come to me. You'll see.

  • Fuck off

  • Where do you live, infidel? I'm going to come to your home and destroy your family, and then take you as my slave. Get ready.......

  • Oh, you're one of those people who believes when you die you'll get 72 virgins. But did they tell you that they're 72 virgins of your liking? No the did not. So if you are a straight guy who things he's getting 72 virgin women, maybe you will actually get 72 virgin men who pound you up the ass for the rest of eternity. How's that for payback.

  • Who are "one of those people, you're referring to?"

  • You're pathetic. :)

  • You are.

  • You're

  • Your wish is my command.

  • Yes, that is totally true. And we both know it. And we both know that I'm going to ruin your marriage. And you're going to love me for it. You already do.

  • Who are you?

  • Melinda, your new divine mistress.

  • Suck it fool, you aren't fooling anyone!

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