Love streetwalkers

I am a professional married 32yo man, but for the past 15 months I have been picking up streetwalkers on the way home from work. 1-2x per week I will pick one up and get a b****** in my car. Such a perfect way to relax before I get home!!

Feb 15, 2011

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  • Dude. Keep rockin it! I do the same here. Got a smokin gf at home, and get plenty of p**** that she doesn't know about, but I still love that quick, cheap and hot strange after a long day. Treat the c**** like the worthless c** dumpsters they are. LOL! It's even more fun to share one after a long day with a bud.

  • I have picked up hookers in the past but i started calling a local talk line and you wouldnt beleive how many desperate regular girls or single moms will gice up b******* and p**** for a hundred bucks.

  • I agree but i do things a little diffrently when im driving home really h**** i pick up a streetwalker/crackhead have her lay her head in my lap and j*** off all over their faces that way i dont have to worry about catching anything and its cheap as h*** i mean why waste a good load when i can put it all over a whores face!

  • Nothing wrong with that dude ive dumped gallons of c** into h***** mouths over the years. I love finding a girl new to the streets and ramming my c*** down her throat till she gags, and i especially get of at the look of disgust on their faces when i empty my b**** into their mouths. I can never help but chuckle when they throw the door open to spit my c** out.

  • That's hot. I love picking up girls or meeting escorts after work. There have been a few escorts that I would meet weekly or so for awhile, until she got comfortable enough with me to let me go bare. I would pump a hot load inside them, then never see them again. So wrong but so exciting!

  • umm ewww..thats gross. why dont you just settle for your wife?
    YOUR GOING TO H***!!!

  • What if he doesn't believe in H***? Hmm? What if his beliefs aren't the same as yours. Ever think of that? Stop treating other people by how YOU think the world should be and open your F****** eyes.

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