Dont drink untill you are 21

One time my friend and i were home alone. we went to her parents liquor closet and my friend got waisted. her mom came home and asked me what happened and i said that i didnnt know what was wrong with her. the worst part about this is that we were 12..

Jan 21, 2015

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  • Girl I went to college with got drunk at a school party. her room mate gave three guys her room key and room number. They carried her back to the room. She woke up the next day feeling sick and had vomited in the bed and floor.
    She showered and thought nothing of it.
    Three months later she had not had her period. she saw a Dr, he ask if she was pregnant. She said I have not had s** in over a year. Thats not possible.
    She was pregnant and told her room mate. room mate said she found her passed out with her pants off. She put her panties on and covered her up. She guessed the boys raped her.

  • I got drunk for the first time when I was like 7 or 8 on New Years. My parents let me drink champagne. I was hung over the next day. I didn't have the most responsible parents.

  • Perhaps its nice to have these innocence of childhood things. Me and my mates at that age were helping clean out our shed that was just packed full of junk. My parents had asked me and my friends to move all the junk out to the footpath for collection. Pretty early on we found a carton with bottles of spirits. We sampled them. By the time we had finished cleaning the stuff out we were all pretty tipsy. That's the part of the story I remember. My parents tell the next part when friends are round and they are retelling the story. Apparently I fell asleep in my clothes and wet myself and my parents had to take all these half p***** 11 and 12 year olds home and apologise profusely to their parents. No mention of punishment. I don't recall being punished and yet for other things I got pretty severely punished as my parents were pretty strict.

    The weird or funny thing is now they tell this story in front of my kids and laugh about it.

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