I'm so confused

I've been married for nearly 5 years and have 2 children... my boy is 5 and my little girl is 2. I love my family to bits, and my wife and I have gone through so much, especially with my rough upbringing.

The trouble i'm having is that my wife is my second real love and is the third person I've ever slept with, my first was my first girlfriend, second I went to a prostitue and my wife third, so my sexual experience is not the best.

I have picked up alot by watching p***, but it's not the same as the real thing. I love having s** with my wife but sometimes i wish I was having s** with someone else.

If that opportunity ever comes along my heart is telling me no but my head is saying yes!!! I don't want to break up my marriage, but I do want to experience and have s** with other women... I almost feel like a part of me is incomplete until i get to do this.

Some will call me a loser, or a d***...or a cheater... whatever you call me I'm not bothered because all I want right now is to know what other people think and what I should do???

Feb 16, 2011

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  • I think a lot of people think about s** with someone other than their partner...I think it is a normal desire. However, if you're married you should stick with fantasy. Maybe it's time you and your wife kink up your love lives a little bit. Communicate with each other about what you'd like to do in bed. Maybe a little kinky role playing is in order.

    Second thing to consider before you start fooling around on your wife...dating sucks. Even if it's just casual s**. you may end up with some crazy chick that won't go away. Not to mention elevating your risks of bringing home some kinda STD. Just don't do it!

  • The grass is not greener on the other side. It is just different grass. Fantasy should most often stay fantasy. Stay with your wife and family and make that your life.

  • I think your curiosity is normal, but that is no reason to break the vows you have made with your wife. You may feel incomplete with out having done this, but the guilt you will live with is far worse. You have young children, they look up to you and want to see a functional relationship between their parents, if you were to ever get caught, not only would your life fall apart but so would theres. Be faithful to your wife and family. Change things up in the bedroom with your wife, she may be full of surprises.

  • You knew what you were getting into when you got married. If you thought you wanted to sleep with or date other women, you should have never gotten married. Stop thinking with your d***. Either spice up your s** life with your wife, or deal with the fact that if you do cheat and your wife finds out your marriage and life are over.

  • The part where you talk about your wife and you going through so much, especially with your "tough upbringing" is very telling. It's an a******'s way of explaining away his being a complete a****** to his partner. The rest is pointless.

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