I'm in love with a married man who is a preacher

I'm in love with a man who is the head pastor of his church! We are both in love with each other and have had intimate relations. I am struggling with the fact that first he's a man of God! and second that he's married and says he loves his wife. Yet he loves me too and the s** is awesome! His wife recently found out about me and he is now pulling away from me. I'm an educated person. Meaning I have several advanced deegrees, I just can't stop thinking about him and loving him. I don't want him to leave his wife and hurt his family. But, I also want to continue to be part of his life. I realize what I need to do, and that is to simply walk away and never have any type of communication with him, but I just can't seem to will my way to do this.

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  • Well,I wouldn't trust a married preacher,whose committed adultery.Wtf!!! Just walk away woman,find a man for yourself.Preferably,someone whose single!!

  • I'm involved with s married pastor,it's been two years. We both are in love with one another. I wish you the best of luck. You can't help who you fall in love with. We all hve sin and we will answer but God will be the judge. The ones that's judging make sure your glass house don't crash.

  • That is ironic. You have several degrees and you can not spell degrees.


  • Man I hope you get cheated on when you get married... Some kind of educated woman you are...

  • Lol, the irony. Practice what you preach, pastor..

  • Sorry - but your relationship with him is wrong in so many ways. He should step down as a Pastor #1. God forgives but he does not need to hold that position any longer. He is married, simple, you need to let him go. If he divorces..then go for it. You wouldn't want that to happen to you would you? Time heals..good luck

  • If you're willing to allow him to remain married, and if he's willing to continue the relationship with you, then the only remaining issue is discretion. You have to convince him that you'll never tell, and that you won't do anything to draw attention to the existence of the relationship. Once that's resolved, then all the rest is pleasure and the utter thrill of doing something that is so incredibly and totally taboo. I think that, with your intellect, you can bring it off and have years of satisfaction, maybe even having a separate family with him. Good luck!

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