A Confession. :)

I want to tell all the people that I hang out with in 4th period how I feel about them!

Teanna: You are such an amazing person! You are like my sister. I love how we don't have communication issues because that's what makes us stronger. You have been my best friend since birth and you will be my best friend until death. No, wait. You'll still be my best friend even when we go to heaven. :) I love you VIRGINia! :)

Dianna: I LOVE YOU! You are the bubbliest, most cheerful person I've ever met! I love how you say certain things, like when you get excited about something and you like yell it, it's so funny! And you are so generous and sweet to me, you always know how to make me feel good about myself. I love you Texican!

Corey: You are such a nice person! I am really glad we have this class together because it's helping us get closer and I love it! All I know right now is how nice and fun you are, and I can't wait to be like best friends with you! :)

I love you guys,
<3 Oklahomo. :)

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  • AW! you so sweet! :) and such a nice person!!! :) I'm glad we have class together also :)

  • Thank you!! :)

  • Thumbs up for texicans!!! Like me.

  • TEXICANS!!!!! yay oh and love you care bear!

  • hahahaa i made that up!!!!

  • Ha uh I don't think you made that up, because I thought I made up texican too. :p

  • Lol is that my nick name now? VIRGINa ? Lol o like it! I love you sister! <3 Teanna!

  • We need a nickname for cory! And I love you too little sister. :)

  • HAHA :)

  • Next time just pass them a note.

  • wow you clearly dont have anyone you careabout!

  • I don't think anyone under age 15 should be on this site. It has a lot of nasty s***.

  • ^^^
    Uhh, why are you posting on this one when it has NOTHING bad on it? You could post on one that's actually bad and say how you feel..

  • Because you all use too many exclamation points and :) this ;) kind of :( crap and it damages my belief in the future of today's youth. But giggle away kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Or you could just not make rude comments on nice things to people.

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