What should I do with our girl friendship?

So I'm a "in the closet lesbian" and I'm 15..
some people know I like girls but they think I'm bisexual, I've gone out with girls and I fell in love with one but she moved to california we still talk, but she hurt me and I need to get over her but that's a whole different story..
anyways there is this girl in my class, she's my friend and I'm kinda starting to like her, I always mess with her in a playfull way, and I really enjoy our friendship and I'm scared because I feel something more, she always makes me smile, I don't know what to do, should I tell her I'm gay? Should I tell her, I have feelings for her? I just don't want to ruin our friendship,
but the strange thing is..
last night I had a dream of her she just told me
" I know you had a girlfriend, it's okay" and she just smiled..
what does this mean? Any help on what to do with this situation? Thanks:)

Feb 25, 2011

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  • well, to answer your dream, your mind is playing "tricks on you" its basically telling you what you want to hear. Thats because the brain uses dreams as a sort of way to file memories. Sometimes they get conjoined and sound weird, which is a dream. Seduction could work... But your young for that. If you don't want to lose the friendship, be sensible, and just don't tell her. It guarantees you'll remain friends as long as no one screws up. If you want to take it further, then try to indirectly tell her. Do you know if she is Bi or Lesbian, or Curious? If you girls were over the age of 21 getting her drunk could get her attention away from morales, but I doubt you want to get her underage drunk. I'm saying just ask her, or leave a note in her locker written from a computer so no one can read your handwriting, and ask her idea of lesbians, or just ask her directly about it like "Hey, what do you think of Lesbians and gays?" If she says "EWW!" you can try to defend lesbians/gays or just drop it, if she says something like, "oh I don't mind," or "I'm curious and wonder what it would be like" or "Oh yeah, I'm da one for da girls!" Ok, maybe not that last sentence that way, but you get my point. If shes supportive of lesbians, or is a lesbian, looks good for you to open up to her. Hope I have helped. But if you want it to go further, you will have to open up sooner or later.

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