What is love when its just demonic

Had a 3some as he liked it, i let another man touch, suck, f*****, lick me with him, the guy i was going to spend the rest of my life with, the guy whom craves for me and wants guys to f*** me, the guy who made me become a demon.

For once in my life, i feel as if i have submitted my soul to the devil.

it was a regretfull decision i choose to & i wanna kill myself. i wanna jump down or get knocked down, or get stabbed to death, anything that will take me away from him. from this world. from l***.. from s**, from men.. to ashamed to face this world, how will i be if i had to face god.

can't stop thinking about it, i close my eyes and i see the whole scene in my mind. its driving to my grave and its makes him high.. there is nothing worth living for. it is easy saying, never regret your choices. i regretted mine..

today i regret being born, and not dying when i had the chance too.

pls take me lord. i pray, i do not want to be in this world, more than i wanna be in your world. i am not fit for anything. i sold my soul, never fall in love.. its worst than h***, when your a demon youself

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  • Oh for Christ's sake stop your whining! Take some responsibility for yourself! Say "NO!" and kick him to the curb. Grow some self respect now, or just give in a become his f*** toy. Your call.

  • It sounds like you're a believer, but I'm not sure if you're a Christian. If you are, though, you can rest assured that Jesus died to save sinners. He didn't just come to save everyone who never did anything wrong. He died specifically for people like you who have made mistakes, and you can be made clean.

    There are many, many people in this world who have made mistakes. Sometimes BIG mistakes. But people change. People forgive, and time heals. Also, I can promise you that love can be a beautiful thing, and you shouldn't always look at it with suspicion. When it's right, it really is something worth living for. Hold out for that.

  • Hey, you just hooked up with the wrong guy. You're lucky you found out how mismatched you are before you got any further down the road with him. Sure, you're regretting what you did and it sounds like you are filled with Christian guilt. Walk away and find someone who shares your values and beliefs. You can't undo what was done but you can stop letting it consume your life. Your soul is fine so move on.

  • Don't give up on life because of this. God knows your heart and your regret. A contrite heart is a welcome heart to God. Take that away with you as you leave the idiot that thinks whoring you out is a good thing.

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