Iv'e been dating a guy for 3 years. He

Iv'e been dating a guy for 3 years. He wants to get married. I'm just not feeling "till death do us part". I feel completely lost and I dont know what to do. I dont want to leave him but I am not sure I want to marry him. After 3 years I should know, right? I have like no hormones anymore, its only maybe once a month, I dont wanna have s** once a month for the rest of my life! I used to want it almost every day!! I'm not sure if its due to stress or lack of sexual attraction, I do like touching him, just not doing it. I'm just totally overwhelmed and not sure what to do. I have so many questions about us and where this is going, and I dont wanna hurt him cuz I care about him so much and have never been treated so well in my life!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • i'm thinking that you are not in love... we only live once...if you loved him you would know ...you wouldnt need to question yourself

  • Love is a funny thing and really has different meanings for different people. You have been with him 3 years and you openly say you care for him. Bells do not need to go off everytime you are together to love him. S**, well that is another issue. LOL I can not speak for you but hey I am married and my wife is not to much into s** these days either...but that has no relationship with love. You care for him, he treats you right and you have been together 3 years....I am thinking that there is something there. Good Luck.

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