I'll get engaged

Greg, I got engaged. Steve proposed over the weekend. You suspected for a long time that I was seeing him from time to time. I know you love me, and I offered you everything. I didn't want to crush your heart, so I never told you the whole truth about him. Steve and I are not just friends. I am so sorry for you, but I really want a family, I'm not that young anymore. We need to stop seeing each other, this week will be probably the last one together, and I hate to bring you the news about breakup.

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  • So you "offered Greg everything"... oh, except the whole truth about Steve. tee hee

    You're not as virtuous as you want us to think, cupcake.

  • Yo Shelly, I KNEW the whole truth about Steve, You think I wasn't banging side chicks while dating you? I knew you were a w****, but meh, you were a good lay so I stayed around, btw remember that ring I gave you, you might want to check those diamonds, because they are not real.

  • Why should it be the last time thats just stupid

  • the heart wants what the heart wants.

  • Bummer for Greg. The woman who has been s******* both he and Steve has picked the first one to come up with a ring as the winner. Now impregnate me! But Greg does get a parting gift of a week's worth of f**** before she trots down the aisle. That should ease the pain.

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