I must confess to sumone i have lost the love of my life and it is killing me both inside and out. he was the only one that made me feel like i was worth something the only one that saw something in me that i never saw, is gone? let me tell you what happen he is really going thru a tough time right now w/money and he feels as if i could have offered him some help, ok i understand what he is saying because i no how differcult it is right now and i came into some money that i can help him with a few situations and i had planned to but i needed a few days (a wk or two) to clear up my own problems that i had fell short on and he dont understand that he is a man of alot of pride and dont come to women for help i just want to no am i wrong for not addressing his problems first instead of taking care of my own?

Mar 1, 2011

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  • You are wrong if you give in to the pressure he's applying. It isn't up to you to fix his financial problems. More than likely it would be a temporary fix and he'd be back at the well again soon. That's not what a relationship is about. If you two broke up over this your money is obviously more important to him than your love. It's tough, but the harsh reality is he wants to use you. Don't let him.

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