Why do people have to like each other.

I had a boyfriend for 8 months (T), did everything madly in love, we both confessed at the beginning of this year that we both cheated.
i went to a party and got with alot of guys trying to get over him.
didnt work
one guy started to like me (R)
i liked the idea of him
i liked the idea of moving on
but then there was another guy (N)
that drives me crazy
but i thought he didnt liek me
so i went back to R
who i have told myself to liek
just to help me move on
and then i get told today
that N really likes me
but i cant hurt R
and to make it all better T wont stop texting me.. wanting to see me again..
someone tell me what to do.

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  • You aren't ready for commitment. Keep testing the waters and having fun. Hang with any or all of those guys but be straight with them that you will be seeing other guys. When you feel like settling down you can worry about a relationship.

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