My Hobby is "Flashing"

My name is Jack. My d*** is 3.25 inches long and 1 inch wide when fully erect. I am one of the most successful exhibitionists in America today. I have "flashed" over 3000 unsuspecting women over the years and my d*** has been seen online at least 80,000 times. I am a muscular guy, shaved all over. I even had all my pubic hair removed with laser treatments. I m********* 4-5 times daily and frequently e******** into my female coworkers coffee at work. I once pulled my d*** out of my short pants in a crowded, dark bar and jerked off next to an unaware redhead. I've had s** with more than one woman while they were passed out. Am I bad? Should I continue with my "hobby"?

Mar 2, 2011

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  • No talk to God

  • I know you too.

  • mines pretty normal size .. and i still like showing it to girls and j**********

  • I've seen your pathetic little d*** too, Jack, and I know just who you are!- Jenny

  • I've seen you flash, Jack! Guess who I am. Hint: I am a woman who lives in Maine.

  • Dad?

  • No big deal. Haaaaaa. Other than raping women while they are sleeping. Even though you probably failed to achieve penetration with your tiny thing it's still wrong.

  • 1. Your p**** is acutally quiet small, the average mans p**** is at least 6 inches so your half that!

    2. Women probably don't notice your flashing them because it's a small pecker

    3. You are sick, and will probably end up in jail getting your ass f***** by a 7 inch p****!

    Have fun with that! Haha

  • Your sick, and probably lying. Get a life.

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