Jealous of one night stand pregnancy

Yesterday,I met a guy and he told me that about 10 years ago,he met a woman at a club and they f***** that night, at his apartment.She told him to be careful but he unloaded in her.He saw her at a grocery store weeks later and she told him that he had knocked her up.When she had the baby,she stopped at his place and introduced him to the baby.He said the baby boy looked just like him.He has never seen the baby since then and lost contact with this woman(except once 5 years ago when he saw her with another guy at a horse race track).She had assured him she needed nothing from him and would raise the kid nicely.I was happy/sad for him and the son but was hit by a jolt of jealousy;why couldn't something like that happen to me?

Mar 9, 2014

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  • Why the f*** would you be jealous of something like that?? Not knowing if you'd be the one getting pregnant or impregnating... still. She "told him to be careful" but he came in her anyway? She should have taken precautions herself but that was a HUGE DOUCHE MOVE and borderline sexual assault imo. Especially since it resulted in a child. >:/

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