Im the "other girl"

Im good friends with this girl. and shes been going out with my friend for a long time. we recently hve been messing around and i domt know what to do. i feel like such a s***. i dont want to stop doing things with this guy but i dont want to hurt my friendship with her. f***. helppp!!! i know this isnt something a 16 year old should be doing but i cant help it...


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  • Your actions definitely don't make you friend of the year. Not a good road to be on. You wouldn't want that to happen to you. You do know what to do, you stop doing what you're doing. You had s** with him so now you have emotions wrapped up into it. But the truth, is that this guy is using you. It's just s**, it's not love. If you want a boyfriend, then find a guy that's actually available. When your friend finds out what you're doing, chances you be left all alone.

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