I have turned the tables on my molester

When I was 14 I had s** with the guy who lived alone next door. He was in his late 40's at the time always very friendly and nice and my parents trusted him completely. But whenever he could, he would get me alone and touch me. I remember that starting when I was about 10.

When I was 14 I was just starting to feel sexual things and I turned to him for answers. His answers were to show me. He was gentle and very skilled. He has a large p**** but the pain I felt the first time wasn't so bad because he took it slow and careful.

I liked having s** with him and that made me feel guilty at first. As I got into high school I started taking advantage of our secret. I demanded money from him for booze and drugs. I withheld s** from him when I had a serious boyfriend but went back to him when we broke up.

I am now 24 and he is 57. I am married but I still occasionally have s** with my former neighbor. We are very good together sexually. He pleases me like no other man ever has. I still make him give me money.

Am I w****? Or am I just getting back at the guy who molested me as a child? It feels like both to me.

Mar 4, 2011

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  • My younger brother was in the same sort of situation with a family friend. When it came out everyone blamed my brother, but he was prepubescent when it started so how come he is to blame?

  • Not a w****, but a TERRIBLE wife. Your husband deserves better. He deserves a faithful woman to be married to. If I were you, tell your husband what you're doing, and allow him to choose if he'll forgive and remain with you, or send you packing for good. I can't say what he'd do, only know that you're TOTALLY in the wrong if you're keeping piece of crap actions secret from him, when he's believing you're a different person.

  • Go get therapy. You arent paying him back, you are giving him exactly what he wants =/ its wrong he was taking advantage of you

  • A w**** no, I don't think so, not blackmail either unless you tell him you will tell all if he doesn't pay you. He is more of a sugar daddy I would say.

  • I agree bein its neither more like a sugar daddy

  • Yes technically you are a w****. But don't put your self down about it. My wife is a w**** & she makes lots of money. Just get yourself some more clients.

  • what the f*** is wrong with you? you dont even deserve a wife.

  • I was kinda in the same thing sorta, there was a guy that was very very close to my family he was 8 years older than me and one day i had stayed up at the lake with him and his wife and he came onto me and pressured me into having s** with him. I felt kinda bad at first but then the more it kept happening the more i liked it. this affair went on for about a year. We are both family's with money and that sorta thing doesn't happen but it did. i was 16 and he was 24. i would spend the night at his and his wife's house just so that we could have s**....he ended up telling his wife what was happening between us and he told my father, i don't see him anymore but i know what u mean, he was who i went to for s**, i was starting to become sexually active and he was someone older that i could go to when i needed advice or something like that.

  • Yes,your in fact a w**** if you have s** for money..The whole thing is too twisted for words,you need some therapy,STAT!

  • agree!!!!

  • f*****.

  • By f***** you mean homosexual, correct? The poster is a girl talking about a guy. Being homosexual has nothing to do with this secret.

  • No i mean f***** aka a gay, read it again if your still confused.

  • Not a w****. But blackmailing in general makes anyone a j***.

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